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Perfectly Pretty Mother’s Day Garden Party Charcuterie

This Mother’s Day treat that important woman in your life to a relaxed garden party feast.

Set the Table and the Mood

Layout a pretty tablecloth on the picnic table, add a couple vases of blooming flowers (whatever is in season in your area) and provide mom with a comfortable seat of honor.

Start with a large Charcuterie Platter or cheese board.

For a brunch, or lunch, nothing is easier, or tastier than serving a festive charcuterie platter filled with her favorite cold meats, creamy cheeses, tasty dips, crusty breads and crunchy crackers. Our recommendation, is choose three to five cheeses with a variety of types, shapes and colors. For texture combine a few wheels of semi-hard/hard aged varieties like cheddars, or goudas and perhaps some wedges of brie or goat cheese. Along with the cheeses, be sure to have plenty of meats. Some popular options are Salami, Dry Coppa, Prosciutto, and Black Pepper coated Italian Dry Salami. Make sure they are pre-sliced for easy eating.

If your store nearby has a limited deli and gourmet food section, then a great way to get all your internationally cured meats and gourmet cheeses, are from trusted online providers who will deliver the goods right to your door. Some of the top gourmet food vendors are (great purveyors of French Prosciutto and hard-to find free-range game), or (offering a delicious salami sampler), or get a variety of antipasto meats and cheese from For palate pleasing cheeses, a favorite go-to is Murrays Cheeses (, they also have all kinds of delicious meats and crackers as well.

Plenty of Fruit for All

Since many moms love fresh fruit, make sure you pick out an assortment of colorful favorites. Spring is great for strawberries, kiwis, apricots, orange slices, blackberries and perhaps some juicy honeydew melon.

Small Bites

The key keeping things light, but making sure nobody goes away hungry is to supplement the cold cuts with plenty of small snacks. Olives, nuts, colorful bowls of dips or fresh salsa and of course a few plates of rich chocolates are perfect accessories for a Mother’s Day table.

A Toast to the Moms

A great way to get the party started, is to whip up a pitcher or two of Sparkling Champagne Sangria. The first secret to good sangria is to let the fruit soak for at least a few hours ahead of time. Slice up oranges and lemons and add some berries, and put them in the pitcher with a bottle of white wine (Riesling is a good option). Then just before you serve, add the champagne. Pro-tip: don’t put the ice in the pitcher, put it in the glasses so it doesn’t water down your sangria.

· 1 orange, thinly sliced

· 1/2 lemon, thinly sliced

· 1 cup blueberries

· 1 cup raspberries

· 10 large strawberries, sliced

· 1 cup orange juice

· 1 750ml bottle sweet white wine (I use Riesling)

· 1 750ml bottle your favorite champagne

(Taste; if you’d like it to be sweeter, add 1/4 cup granulated sugar, or honey and enjoy!)

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At we think mom’s are worth celebrating all year long and we have a wide selection of treats, books and adult beverages perfect for showing mom how you feel, anytime you feel like it.


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