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Fancy Meat and Cheeseboard with Fruit as

CHARcutERiE Clubs to JOIN

Cured Meat, Gourmet Cheese, Fine Wine, Craft Beer & Spirits Monthly Clubs


Choose the Best Club for your palate and budget

Every Merchant we feature has a history of longevity, passion, pride, palate pleasing selections, responsive customer service & satisfaction guarantees that they have built their reputations on over the years. Each selection in every shipment is carefully chosen & assembled by a highly educated team of experts. Monthly Club selections vary & include hand-selected products that pair well together and offer a true tasting experience along with educational materials.



Prices subject to change without notice

Charcuterie Club

Join this club or send as a gift to the meat lover in your world. Each month, food experts collect varied and exquisite cuts, chubs, jars, and slabs of meat. Sometimes accompanied by pairing accoutrements, sometimes featured as a trio of variations, and always presented within a theme along with detailed notes, this popular club arrives straight to you doorstep like clockwork. Di Bruno Bros. monthly subscriptions are some of our most popular gifts. With 4, 8, and 12 month installments, you or your fellow food lovers will experience up to a year's worth of culinary adventures. shipping is free

4 Shipments - $64.75 each - Free Shipping

Artisan Charcuterie Butcher Block Club

In this Artisan Charcuterie Subscription you will discover the delicious world of specialty cured and dried meats, and pate. Charcuterie, pronounced SHAR-kyu-TREE, is a word of French origin that refers to prepared meats.

The world of charcuterie encompasses ham, salami and other cured sausages and pate. Each month igourmet will deliver will include two full-sized artisan charcuterie products, plus a generous portion of an accompaniment to pair with the included selections.
Each Charcuterie of the Month shipment includes a detailed newsletter, explaining the finer points of that month’s selection.

3 Shipments - $88 each - Free Shipping

Standard Charcuterie Kit

This is one of our favorites! 

This Standard Charcuterie Kit can be a Month-to-Month Subscription or One-Time Order. This kit includes: 2 cheeses, 1 meat, 1 cracker pack, 1-2 spreadables. 2+ other accompaniments (dried fruits, olives, candied nuts, chocolate, pickled things, etc.)
An Instructional Sheet plus a Video Tutorial to help you build your board is also included. Serves 2-4 as a small appetizer or 1-2 as a meal. Platterful also has a large Kit, and offers the Classic, Gluten Free or Vegan kits . *Nuts can be removed upon request. This is an incredible gift as well!


$75 per Shipment + $9 Shipping

Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Clubs

Top Three of the Best Monthly Cured Meat & Cheese Clubs that deliver to your door

The following monthly clubs include selections of cured meats, gourmet cheese, along with other pairing products. This gives aspiring connoisseur to a well-versed affineur the way to experience hard-to find, incredible selections delivered directly to the door. This is truly a great way to learn how to choose the right items for when you create your own charcuterie boards at home.

Meat & Cheese Clubs
Gourmet Cheese Clubs
Parmesan Cheese

Gourmet Cheese Clubs

Top Three of the Best Cheese of the Month Clubs that deliver to your door

A Cheese of the Month Club is a great way for everyone from an aspiring cheese connoisseur to a well-versed cheese affineur to experience hard-to find, incredible cheese delivered directly to the door. The cheeses for each month can be used for many weeknight dinners, or all showcased on a cheese plate for a dinner party or wine-and-cheese get-together. 


Getting a surprise cheese pairing in your mailbox every month is destined to be a delightful journey of delicious proportions. Join this exclusive club where you'll disappear down the rabbit hole of cheese pairings that’s been dreamed up by our team of dairy-loving mongers. Some months will be decadently creamy, starring something like buttery triple-crème Delice with cinnful cocoa pecans & amarena cherries. Others will have a crunchier personality with a bit of bite, such as Asiago Stravecchio & Truffled Honey.
Whether this is a treat for you and your household, or a gift for someone special, each monthly box contains cheese, accompaniments, and fun products with amazing backstories - custom box inserts we'll tell you all about them & make sure your education is fun & delectable.

4 Shipments - $50 each - Free Shipping

Cheese Pairing 101 Club
The Gourmet
Cheese of the Month Club
Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

For over 25 years, The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club’s team travels internationally every year to work closely with cheesemakers who experiment with slight changes to their process and raw ingredients to perfect their cheeses. Each selection of the farmhouse cheeses are made from pure and natural, quality ingredients. You will discover cheeses you wouldn't easily find on your own since they buy each from its place of origin; they look for Brie from the Île-de-France, north of Paris, and Leicester from English farms with small herds of pedigree Holstein cows and more. Each of the three 1/2 lb. selections you will receive are freshly cut just prior to shipping from wheels or blocks. It’s quite labor intensive and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes. They stand stand by every cheese featured and know you’ll be impressed by the quality. Makes for a Great Gift 

$54.95 Monthly - Includes shipping

International Cheese Subscription Box

A curated selection of 3 different cheeses - each, a half pound cut (total cheese weight: approx. 1.5 pounds). Accompanying each month’s shipment you will find a helpful newsletter to guide you through your new cheese selections. Each month you will learn about the history, origin and flavor profile of your cheese along with suggested wine pairings and serving suggestions to enrich your experience. You may be taken on a tour of a specific region or country like France or Ireland, or be presented with a selection from a particular farm or cheesemaker, or perhaps be introduced to a particular style for you to compare and contrast. Choose the number of deliveries with a 3, 6, or 12 month plan, or select Recurring. The pay-as-you-go option allows you to cancel or pause monthly delivers.

3 Shipments - $54 each - Free Shipping


Charcuterie CHEESE Clubs

Three of the Best Monthly Cheese Clubs that deliver to your door
Monthly Charcuterie Club 

Di Bruno's food experts collect varied and exquisite cuts, chubs, jars, and slabs of meat. Sometimes accompanied by pairing accouterments, sometimes featured as a trio of variations, and always presented within a theme along with detailed notes, this popular club arrives straight to you doorstep. 
Di Bruno's monthly subscriptions are some of our most popular gifts, and with good reason. With 4, 8 or 12 month installments, you or your fellow food lovers can experience up to a year's worth of culinary adventures.

Best of all, it ships free! This is a great Gift!

4 Shipments - $200 - Free Shipping

Classic Box Membership

The Carnivore Club is the world’s first curated cured meat of the month club featuring artisans from around the world.

Each month Carnivore Club members receive

an impressive faux-wood box filled with

4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans. Like wine, the laborious craft of cured meats is an art form that requires the diligent pursuit of perfection through hours of trial & error.

Carnivore Club celebrates the individual recipes of each cured meat savant, no two meats are alike even when similar in name. Includes an informational sheet to describe each item.

$54.99 monthly includes Shipping


D'Artagnan's Charcuterie Kits offer a variety of cooked, cured and smoked meat items made with classic techniques and proprietary recipes using natural ingredients. Suitable for gift giving, these kits are also great for parties, and for sharing with friends & family. You can create a beautiful charcuterie board with any of the charcuterie gift boxes; just add crackers, bread, mustard, dried fruits & nuts with some cornichons. From favorites like sausage & bacon to foie gras & pâté, there’s something for every occasion.

$52.99 per shipment + Shipping

Charcuterie Kit for 4 Foodies 

Charcuterie Cured Meat Clubs

Top Three of the Best Meat of the Month Clubs that deliver to your door

Charcuterie Club shipments include a variety of hand selected artisan charcuterie meats that highlight the styles and techniques employed by today's artisan charcuterie makers. Club members can expect charcuterie ranging from potted meats and whole muscle cures to traditional dry aged sausages. Here are three of the top monthly Charcuterie Clubs we found.

Cured Meat Clubs


Top Three of the Best Wine of the Month Clubs that deliver to your door

FYI: It is required by law that one needs to be the age of 21 or older to order and sign to receive Wine.

Gold Medal Wine Club Newsletter and Wines
Gold Medal Wine Club

Since 1992, Gold Medal Wine Club has provided their wine club members a variety of ultra-premium, hard-to-find wines from California’s small, family owned wineries and those not easily found in stores. Unlike a number of other wine of the month clubs, Gold Medal Wine Club does not choose wines based solely on their palate preferences or if it is a private labeled bulk wine with a pretty label. The wines featured in each of their 6 Wine Clubs must meet strict selection criteria that includes medals from major wine competitions, and high ratings from national wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, and Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate. So, you know the wines are worthy of your attention. 

2 Bottles $47.95 - $219.00 mo. + shipping

California Wine Club

Founded in 1990, California Wine Club discovered that small family wineries were the most passionate in the wine world and their wines the hidden gems of wine country. These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area. It has been this wine club's mission to help these artisan wineries introduce their limited- production wines to the world. California Wine Club offers 6 different wine of the month club levels. Whether for yourself (just pay as you go) or as a gift (just pay for the number of shipments you want to send) this wine club delivers quality wine. You can choose to have half red wines and half white wines, all red wines, all white wines, 2, 4 bottles or 12 bottles, delivered monthly, every-other-month or quarterly.


2 Bottles $43.45 - $262.00 mo. + shipping

The Premier Series Wine Club

Exceptional Quality & Value on Estate-Bottled Wines. Members receive two Bottles, each from a different Winery, every month. Choose two reds, two whites, or one of each. Wines are accompanied by a monthly newsletter "Cellar Notes" which profiles the winemakers & provides tasting notes, recommended food accompaniments, and complementary recipes. As a club member, you’ll also be able to reorder your favorites at significant discounts. Discover extraordinary, rare wines from boutique wineries. Each wine curated by a well versed  two -tiered wine tasting panel. Join the Premier Series or choose from four monthly wine clubs to suite your tastes. Enjoy premium wines of exceptional quality and value delivered to you or your recipents door.

2 Bottles $41.95 - $77.95 mo. + $15 S&H

Fine Wine Clubs
Craft Beer Clubs


Top Three of the Best Craft Beer of the Month Clubs that deliver to your door.

FYI: It is required by law that one needs to be the age of 21 or older to order and sign to receive Craft Beer.

The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club is the best way to taste and enjoy the finest craft breweries from our very own 50 states. Every single month members receive exceptional, limited-production brews from small, independent breweries all over the country, sent to you.

Each shipment contains three bottles each of four unique styles of craft beers from two of our featured independent craft breweries. Choose monthly, or 1 to 12 monthly shipments. To ensure you’re getting a variety of flavors and styles, the breweries selected are located states apart from one another and have limited distribution. For example, one month you could get six craft beers from a small brewery in California plus six craft beers from New York in the same shipment!

Newsletters & Bonus Gifts are included.

The Craft Beer Club is absolutely the best club to focus on America's Craft Breweries.

$47.75 monthly - 12 Beers - Free Shipping


For exploring craft beer from abroad, the International Beer Club is the answer. Focused solely on imported beers, this club delivers uncommon brews from countries outside the U.S. representing both the cutting edge of the craft beer renaissance overseas as well as traditional styles brewed at their source – often from breweries several hundred years old in such famed brewing countries as Germany, Belgium, and England.

Enjoy such styles as Czech Pilsners, English Pale Ales,and many more! Club members will also receive the “Malt of the Earth” newsletter in each shipment, which offers brewery histories, robust tasting notes, food pairing recommendations, beer specifications, and more. Choose, Monthly or 1 to 12 shipments. Members can also re-order your favorite selections while supplies last, this is one of the few monthly clubs to offer this.

$41.95 monthly - 12 Beers + $15 S&H


The Rare Beer Club’s mission is to deliver the best, most inventive, and most hard-to-come-by beers out there. Founded by the late beer critic Michael Jackson, the world's leading authority on beer, The Rare Beer Club offers limited-release craft beers from both the U.S. and around the world. Each monthly shipment includes the "Rare Beer Club newsletter, providing each brewery’s history, profiles of the brewers, detailed tasting notes, food pairing, beer aging recommendations, beer specs, style, special ingredients, ABV, recommended serving temperature, and more. Choose Monthly, or 1 to 12 Shipments. The Personalized Shipment Program™ ensures that a member of The Rare Beer Club can receive only the beers they want to get. Additionally, Rare Beer Club members can re-order their favorite beers while supplies last!

This is a great gift for any occasion as well.

$39.95 - Two 750ml bottles + $15 S&H

Spirits & Whiskey Clubs

Spirited Subscription Boxes that deliver

FYI: It is required by law that one needs to be the age of 21 or older to order and sign to receive Alcohol.

Six Different Themed Boxes

Choose between Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Gin, Tequila, and Rum. Each shipments include curated bottles from big names & independent distilleries & ships out one bottle once a month.

Mash & Grapes network of retailers across the country helps them fulfill sales to over 40 states in the US. Their partnerships with distilleries and distributors gives them the capability to bring exclusive products to you from time to time.

Choose, 3, 6, 12 month or monthly ongoing subscriptions.

This is a Great Gift as well for spirited friends.

1 full-size 750 ml bottle of small-batch, hard-to-find Spirits each month.

$44 to $79 monthly + $15 Shipping
How does Flavair Membership Work?

Nothing’s left to chance! Members tailor the experience to their wishes from the moment they join by choosing their first shipment. It only gets better from there. Important club announcements and new benefits are communicated via email and you can expect the following:

  • ✓ 1 Tasting Box of choice per quarter

  • ✓ 1 Premium Full-Size Bottle of choice per quarter

  • ✓ Free Member-Exclusive Events & Distillery Tours

  • ✓ Boutique selection of full-size bottles and Tasting Boxes

  • ✓ Access to Flaviar-exclusive bottlings - $10 off first purchase

  • ✓ School of Spirits virtual course and Full control over Membership

Monthly Shipments $42 - plus $9.  Shipping

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