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Top 10 Wine of the Month Clubs


Unbox award-winning & highly rated wines that match your palete & budget. Choose a monthly wine club subscription that meets your criteria. Most Wine Clubs offer monthly, every-other-month or quarterly shipments.

With your Wine Club membership you can buy the wines at discounted prices in their wine stores.

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The Best Top Monthly Wine Clubs by bottle price

Joining the right Wine of the Month Club can be challenging at best. The quality of wine, the wine varietals offered. If the wines are private labeled or an award-winning boutique wines. How many bottles should you order. The frequency of shipments. If you can receive a mix of white and red, all red, or all white wines. If you can reorder the wines. The price per bottle, the price of shipping.
There are hundreds of Wine Clubs out there - Here are the best of the best to pair with your Charcuterie Platters.

Premier Wine Club


Club Prices Subject to Change without Notice.

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$56.95 per month - 2 BOTTLES  - includes shipping | Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments

This is The International Wine of the Month Club's original and most popular wine club since 1994, the Premier Series Wine Club delivers boutique wines of exceptional quality and value from the world’s finest wine producing regions. To seek out impressive new wines, their team travels to the source, visiting regions such as Italy’s Piemonte, the Ribera del Duero and Rioja regions of Spain, the Western Cape of South Africa, and other top wine regions in countries like Chile, Australia, France, and here in the USA. They inspect vineyards, meet with winemakers and, most importantly, taste wines. Order 1 red & 1 white combo, 2 whites or 2 reds for fun!

Gold Wine Club


$47.90 per month - 2 BOTTLES - plus shipping | Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments 

Enjoy great taste of California's best, small-production, family-owned and operated wineries. Each month, receive two hard-to-find, medal-winning wines from boutique wineries together with a fun and informative color publication, The Wine Press. Learn about the wines featured that month and the history of the winery while enjoying the Gold Wine Clubs' superb selections. Enjoy monthly, every-other-month or quarterly wine club shipments. Choose from one red & one white, 2 of the same reds or 2 of the same whites. It's also a perfect gift option!

Bold Reds Wine Club

The BOLD REDS WINE CLUB | Robust and Complex Estate-Bottled Wines

$69.95 per month - 2 Bottles - includes shipping | Monthly ongoing or  1 - 12 shipments

Two different International selections from the world’s most renowned wine producing regions. Two robust red wines with deep fruit flavors, pronounced ripe tannins, superb structure, and well-integrated barrel aged oak tones, from two different wineries. Full-bodied California Cabernets, single vineyard red Zinfandels, Châteauneuf-du-Papes from the Rhône Valley, highly acclaimed Carmenères, Cabernets, Malbec blends and much more. Includes "Cellar's Notes" newsletter which includes winemaker profiles & comprehensive tasting notes.

International Wine Club

INTERNATIONAL WINE CLUB | Exclusive Ultra-Premium Imported Wines

$79 - $99 per shipment - 3 Bottles - plus shipping | Quarterly, 1 to 4 shipments 

This International Wine Club offers an incredible tasting journey around the globe to discover hard-to-find imported, ultra-premium wines from some of the great, hidden wine country estates. The wines are exclusively imported by Gold Medal Wine Club and cannot be found easily anywhere else in the United States. Three specially selected wines are included in every shipment along with a full-color newsletter publication with details on the wines, winery, region and much more! Each quarterly wine club shipment is from a different country. 

Garagiste Wine Club

GARAGISTE WINE CLUB | Very limited production Artisan Wines

$69 - $89 per shipment - 2 Bottles - plus shipping | Monthly, 1 to 6 or 12 shipments 

This is the only wine club with a Garagiste-specific niche, featuring two completely unique “Garagiste” wines each month. Garagiste is a French term used to describe artisan winemakers who handcraft small batches of wine on their own. This is often a passion-filled side project done by some of the top winemakers of critically acclaimed wineries who desire to stray from the ways of big corporations in order to make something completely original and something completely their own. Incredible wines that hard truly hard-to-find.

Pinot Noir Wine Club

PINOT NOIR CLUB | 9O + point Rated Pinots

$74 per month - 2 Bottles - plus shipping | Monthly, 1 to 6 or 12 shipments 

The Pinot Noir Wine Club from Gold Medal Wine Club is the premium Pinot Club on the market. It's all Pinot all the time. The Pinot Noir will come from mostly California, but only from boutique wineries with small production and limited distribution. Discover boutique wineries producing world-class Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara's- Sta Rita Hills AVA, Sonoma's- Russian River AVA and other acclaimed regions . If you love great Pinot Noir wines, this monthly wine club option is a no-brainer. World-class, excellent Pinot Noirs every time.

90+ Platinum Wine Club

PLATINUM WINE CLUB | 90 + rated Ultra-Premium Wines

$89 per month - 2 BOTTLES - plus shipping | Monthly, 1 to 6 or 12 shipments 

This upper-level Wine Club, by Gold Medal Wine Club. features rare, collectible wines from California's top winemakers. These premium wine of the month club selections are highly allocated with 90+ ratings, including some pre-releases and exclusives made available only to members. Each month, receive two specially-selected wines with our full-color newsletters which include details about the wines, wineries and a personal note from the winery's owner or winemaker. The Platinum Wine Club is a special and unforgettable wine tasting experience. 

Plonk Organic Wine Club

PLONK WINE CLUB |  Tasteful organic and bio-dynamic wines

$110 per month - 4 Bottles - Free Shipping | Monthly, 3, 6 or 12 shipments

Plonk's monthly subscription wine clubs feature truly natural wines that are grown using organic and bio-dynamic methods, which means no pesticides or commercial additives such as colorants, acidifiers, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or chemicals of any kind. Plonk's selections are real, authentic wines made by passionate Domestic and International farmers, not by industrial manufacturers or boardroom executives from large wine industry conglomerates. The proof is most definitely in the pudding. Choose a mix of 2 whites & 2 Reds or all Reds. Informative newsletters included in each shipment.

93+ Diamond Wine Club

DIAMOND CLUB | 93 to 99 point rated Luxury-Premium Wines

$195 - $225 per shipment - 2 Bottles - plus shipping | Quarterly, 1 to 4 Shipments 

93+ rated, legendary wines! Gold Medal Wine Club's, top-of-the-line Diamond Wine Club showcases jaw-dropping, luxury-premium wines from California and the world’s most renowned winemakers. Each quarterly wine club shipment (eg: Feb, May, Aug, Nov) features two memorable selections along with our exclusive publication touting their impeccable credentials. Limited to 500 wine club members, a fortunate few have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate wine tasting experience. The perfect wine club gift for Aficionados 

Cabernet Wine Club

AGED CABERNET WINE CLUB | Napa Cabs Aged 8 -12 years 

$279 per shipment - 2 Bottles - plus shipping | Monthly, Every-other-month or Quarterly

Recommended by the Robb Report, this exquisite California Wine Club series offers a rare experience. Each month features two different prestigious Napa Valley Cabernets aged 8-12 years in stringent temperature-controlled conditions and ready to drink now. Uncork the rewards of finely aged Cabernet along with an up close look at some of Napa's most iconic artisan wineries! Enjoy the "Uncorked" newsletter, a beautiful guide to the winery with background on the wines along with Tasting Notes and more. 

Cigar Clubs
Wine Tasting Club Card

Wine Tasting Club Cards - Save 50% on flights!




Annual Memberships


Save 50% off your wine tasting flights at over 100+ wineries.

Born out of our love of fine wines, the Wine Tasting Club Card has created a way to taste wines at your favorite wineries & save 50% off your tasting flight. We have partnered with wineries from different wine regions in California and around the world to offer you the best of wine tasting experiences. Club Card members save an average of $12 on Wine Tasting flights.


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