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Craft Beer pairs well with Charcuterie


Certain beers can enhance the flavors and spice in charcuterie; others can tame it. Just as in other foods, look for notes in the beer that complement the flavor and texture notes in the cheese.


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Pairing Craft Beer

Unbox artisan craft beers, discover new styles

There are hundreds of different types of beer on the craft beer market, and it can be challenging to remember all of the different beer names and beer styles. The type of a beer is determined by many different things including ingredients, region of origin and brewing method among a variety of others. In the world of beer and cheese, find the common flavors and use them as a bridge to harmoniously unite the two. For more craft Beer and Charcuterie meat & cheese pairings visit Books to Buy

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Not all Craft Beer Clubs offer this option to their members. Order a case of the beer(s) you liked best in your monthly shipment. 

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The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

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 2 different U.S. Breweries

4 beer styles - 3 of each

12 bottles total

$47.95 includes S/H

U.S. & International Beer Club

12 oz. hand-crafted beers

 1 U.S. & 1 Int'l Brewery

4 beer styles - 3 of each

12 bottles total

$52.95 includes S/H

Hop-Heads IPA Beer Club

12 oz. hand-crafted beers

 1 U.S. & 1 Int'l Brewery

4 beer styles - 3 of each

12 bottles total

$52.95 includes S/H

The International Beer Club

12 oz. hand-crafted beers

 2 different Int'l Breweries

4 beer styles - 3 of each

12 bottles total

$56.95 includes S/H

The Rare Beer Club

750 ml bottles

 2 World-Class Breweries

2 beer styles - 1 of each

2 bottles total

$54.95 includes S/H


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Mark Dredge mixes great beer appreciation with delicious food pairings. Not only does this book tell you about some of the best craft beers out there, it also looks at the science of taste and the principles of matching beer with food, explaining which ingredients enhance a brew’s flavor and what beer styles will complement everything from breakfast and barbecue to cheese and chocolate. Also included are over 40 beer-infused recipes like stout mac ’n’ cheese or ribs in Belgian beer. With over 250 beers featured, it’s ideal for anyone who loves a drink and a tasty bite to eat.

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