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Find the right gift to give family members, friends & business associates.
Give the best of  the best. Choose a Monthly Club, Gift Box or a Gift Basket of Charcuterie Cured Meats, Gourmet Cheese, Fine Wines, Craft Beers, Spirits & Accompaniments. Celebrate the day.


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Charcuterie Cured Meat Gifts

Give a gift from a Top Gourmet Meat Company that will deliver your gifts to their door

Choose a Charcuterie Gift for that special friend or business associate from one of the best listed below. Charcuterie shipments will vary, Each will include a variety of hand selected artisan charcuterie meats that highlight the styles and techniques used by today's artisan charcuterie makers. Gift Cards are available. Here are three of the top monthly Charcuterie gifts we suggest.


The Charcuterie Collection

This gift box is filled with meat, meat, and more meat. This collection offers a rich spectrum of bacon jam to rustic soppressata to spreadable salami and back, this glorious bounty will not only meat your expectations but will make one fall in love with charcuterie all over again. 

This Charcuterie Collection includes:

Brooklyn Cured Bresaola (3 oz)
Tempesta Nduja Salami (6 oz)
Spicy Soppressata (8 oz)
Classic Bacon Jam (9 oz)
Les Trois Petits Cornichons in Vinegar (12.4 oz)
DB Cheese Crostini (7.04 oz)
Italian Market-Style Pepperoni (8 oz)

Remember Di Bruno Bros also have  various Monthly Clubs and great selections of gourmet Cheese and Cured meats to choose from. Di Bruno also gift certificates starting at $50.


The Charcuterie Collection

Seven Tasty Gourmet Selections

$100 - Free Shipping


Carnivore Club Classic Box

Carnivore Club's legendary charcuterie from top artisans across the country is a great gift. This Classic Box is loaded with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats like; Italian salamis, Spanish Jamon, American Bacon, and more. Your gift recipient may  say: "damn; you're awesome!"

Carnivore Club was the world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats delivered to one's door. Every month they feature a new artisan. Each of them blending passion and craftsmanship to create some of the finest cured meats in the world. Every artisan is different. Every box is unique. Whether it’s French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, or South African Biltong, the premium meat from Carnivore Club is a great experience.

Give the Gift Card of Cured Meat of $25, $50 or $100 - Shop Carnivore Club’s entire product range and Monthly Subscriptions.

Gift cards are emailed immediately

Carnivore Club Classic Box

1 time Gift Shipment

$54.94 includes Shipping

Charcuterie Gift Box for 4

This Charcuterie sampler is ready-to-eat and serves four people. Great for friends, family, and foodies, this gift box includes a signature charcuterie assortment offering six different D'Artagnan favorites. All you need to add is some grainy mustard, cornichons or olives, and bread or crackers to make it a party. Conveniently packaged in a D'Artagnan gift box along with a charcuterie brochure offering serving tips, this food gift is full of bold, delicious and memorable flavors.

They also have gifts to serve 6 or 12.

Whether you're buying for friends, family, food lovers or yourself, D'Artagnan gift boxes and recipe kits make gift giving easy and enjoyable for everyone to enjoy.

Great Gift selections - take a look!

Gift Cards are available, you may want to give a Monthly Club - it's your call.

Charcuterie Gift Box for 4
Assortment of 6 Favorites

$49.95 ($62 value) plus Shipping


Gourmet Meat & Cheese

8 Different Delicious Deluxe Items

$69.99 - Free shipping

Slam Dunk Cheese & Meat Box

Serves 7 - 9  Sports Fans

$75 - plus shipping


Classic Charcuterie Box

Premium Hand-Crafted Artisan Meats

1 mo - $54.94 with shipping

Great Game Day Snacks

12 Different Items - Serves 8 easily

$75.99 - plus shipping

Taste of Di Bruno Gourmet Box

3 timeless & delicious pairings

$65 - plus shipping


Give a Monthly Club, Gift Box, Gift Basket or Gift Cards

Monthly Club shipments can be a one time shipment, sent every-other- month, or quarterly. Monthly selections vary.
Gift cards can be included, gift packaging varies by club. We suggest quarterly shipments that last all year.

Very Cool Gift Baskets & Box Sets

We included Charcuterie Cured Meat, Gourmet Cheese & Meat , Fine Wine, Artisan Food & Desert selections, yum!


     Charcuterie & Gourmet Cheese Gifts

With an 80+ year history, Murray’s is a world-renowned specialty food destination that offers the finest selection of cheese, meat & grocery items.

holiday feast-charcuterie.JPG

Holiday Feast Gift Box

This decadent feast is all the essential tastes of the holidays made gift-able! Three deliciously luxurious cheeses chosen by  expert mongers pair perfectly with cranberry orange jam, prosciutto and crackers for an impressive spread bursting with flavor. 1 Lb. of cheese, 3 ounces of meat in Murray's Signature Gift Box 

$120 with Shipping - Serves 6-8


Beer Lover's Collection

 This package is perfect for all beer lovers. This collection comes in a Murray's Signature Gift Box and includes: Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Annelies, High Plains Cheddar, Spring Brook Farm Reading, Sliced Smoked Beef Salami, Rip Rap Sea Salt Crackers, Spanish Cocktail Mix with Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons.

$105 with Shipping - Serves 5-7


Red Wine Lover's Collection

Nothing goes together quite like wine and cheese. This collection comes in a Murray's Signature Gift Box & includes: Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère, Young Manchego, Bayley Hazen Blue, Piedras de Chocolate, Membrillo, Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread with Kalamata Olives.  Truly An Oenophiles dream gift.

$115 with Shipping - Serves 5-7


Scotch Lover's Collection

Everything in this collection pairs well with the world's most popular whisky. This collection comes in a Murray's Signature Gift Box and includes: Manchego, Cambozola Black Label, Pyrenees Brebis, Prosciutto Di Parma, Spiced Cherry Preserves, Bee Seasonal Organic Eucalyptus Honey & Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes.

$110 with Shipping  - Serves 5-7


Find over 200 gift box selections with Free Shipping from 36 countries at

igourmet's gift baskets are different - and that's a good thing. They are hand-arranged artfully and filled with the same excellent products they sell individually throughout the site. Consumer Reports, & Forbes all rank in the top of their lists.


IPA Cheese Assortment

Beer and cheese? This tradition is being resurrected here in the U.S., at microbreweries & dairies across the country. This incredible classic Gift Box includes: A combination of Wexford Mature Irish Cheddar, Chimay Grand Classique Semi-Soft Cheese, Provolone Piccante, Carr's Water Cracker plus a Cheese Serving Knife in a hand-assembled Gift Box. 

$89.99  Free Shipping


Romantic Cheeses Gift Box

This sensational gift assortment contains four of igourmet's most sensual cheeses. It is the perfect collection to kick off a romantic evening for two. Gift includes:
Port Wine Derby Cheese, Chocolate Capri Cheese, White Stilton with Fruit, Andre triple cream cheese, Serving Knife & Australian Water Wheels. Hand-assembled Gift Box.

$109.00 Free Shipping


Meat & Cheese Gift Box

This Meat & Cheese Favorites Box brings together over three pounds of igourmet's best-selling cured meats & savory cheeses. This gift  includes: Dry Cured Chorizo, Busseto Salami, Casalingo Salami, Imported French Mustard, Provolone from Italy, Dairy Vale Aged Cheddar, Frantal Emmental French cheese & Mini Toasts in Hand-assembled Gift Box.

$139.00 Free Shipping


igourmet Subscription Clubs

An igourmet's Subscriptions Club is a must have for the adventurous gourmand and an excellent educational experience for enthusiasts & connoisseurs. Choose from Nine expertly-curated specialty food subscriptions to be delivered to your gift recipients door each month with a 3, 6, or 12 month plan. This is a great gift.

$38 -  $78  mo.  Free Shipping

igourmet Cheese & Bamboo Board Gift Sets

These charcuterie board sets include a 9" x 11" bamboo board, a cheese cutting knife & 4 styles of artisan gourmet cheeses.

 igourmet imports cheese from England, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Sweden and just about every other cheese producing European nation. They strive to help food lovers discover the multitude of delicious and unique dairy masterpieces in an educational, informative way. Check out these gift boards sets, enjoy incredible cheese combinations from your favorite country. 

Italian Cheese Board Gift Set

4 Cheeses, Board + Knife

30 oz. - $119.99  Ships Free

British Cheese Board Gift Set

4 Cheeses, Board + Knife

30 oz. - $119.99  Ships Free

American Cheese Board Gift Set

4 Cheeses, Board + Knife

26 oz. - $129.99  Ships Free

French Cheese Board Gift Set

4 Cheeses, Board + Knife

34 oz. - $119.99  Ships Free

Spanish Cheese Board Gift Set

4 Cheeses, Board + Knife

30 oz. - $119.99  Ships Free


Fine Wine of the Month Club Gifts

Here's a selection of the three best monthly wine clubs to send as gifts to friends, family & business associates.

Gold Medal Wine Club Newsletter and Wines

The Gold Wine Club

This is Gold Medal Wine Club's “entry level”  & most popular wine of the month club with 28+ years in existence. We mention “entry level” in quotations because while it is their least expensive option out of 6 Wine Gold wine Club, it no way skimps on quality. The Medal only features wines throughout California that have been awarded top medals from national wine publications and major nation-wide wine competitions.

Each monthly shipment includes: 2 different wines from that month’s featured winery, (Occasionally wines will come from different wineries) plus, plus very informative  8-page Wine Press newsletter with the story behind the winery, wine tasting notes, recipes to pair with the featured wines, spotlight sections on the region, winemaker, winery owners and a Wine Wizard trivia section! Bottles are wrapped in organza Gift Bags

2 Bottles $40.95 + shipping

California Wine Club's Premier Series

Since 1990 California Wine Club has been helping California's artisan wineries share their small-batch wines through this wine club. The wines are handcrafted in such limited amounts, they are usually only found at the winery. The Premier Series Wine Club features two wines (one red and one white) from a different winery every month, making this a true wine adventure!  Each Wine Club shipment includes: Two (or four if you choose) hand-selected, handcrafted wines. Uncorked, their guide to the winery featuring tasting notes on the wines, wine tips & insight to California's wine scene. Gift Recipients will have Access to a Personal Wine Consultant. Up to 50% off normal retail prices on wine reorders. VIP Touring & Tasting at any of the small family wineries they feature. Give 1 to 12 shipments. Great selections sent in every shipment.

2 Bottles $41.95 / mo. + shipping


The Premium Series Wine Club 

The International Wine Club's Premium Series is their original & most popular wine club since 1994, it delivers boutique wines of exceptional quality and value from the world’s finest wine producing regions. They seek out impressive new wines, by visiting regions such as Italy’s Piemonte, the Ribera del Duero & Rioja regions of Spain, the Western Cape of South Africa & other top wine regions in countries like Chile, Australia, France & here in the USA. They inspect vineyards, meet with winemakers & most importantly taste wines. Choose two reds, two whites, or one of each wines. The wines are from two different wineries every month. Cellar Notes detailed wine profiles with  tasting notes, detailed winery histories and food pairings. No auto-renewal when you choose a fixed-duration between 2-12 shipments. Free Wine Gift Bags in All Initial Wine Club Shipments!

2 Bottles $39.95 /mo. + $13.00 S&H

Fine Wine in Artisan hand-crafted Gift Boxes

The Gold Medal Wine Club was establish in 1992, they are known for award-winning, boutique wines & quality service.

Every wine is wrapped in Organza Cloth bags, the wines are award-winning, limited production. The artisan products are tasteful.

Every shipment is sent in an artist-commissioned Gift Box with your personalized Gift Card. The top five best sellers are listed below.


Two Napa Cabs & Chocolates
$72.99 plus shipping

Pinot Noir Gift set - Charcuterie Clubs
Two Pinot Noirs & Caramels
$91.99 plus shipping

Napa Wine Spa Day Gift
$173.84 plus shipping


Wine Country's Finest
$153.47 plus shipping


93+ Top-Tier Wines & Chocolates
$182.00 plus shipping


Alcoholic beverages may only be sold and delivered to persons who are at least 21 years old and the person to whom delivery will be made is at least 21 years old.

An adult signature is required at time of delivery. 

Craft Beer of the Month Club

Truly a tasteful hand-crafted Gift  


We chose The Craft Beer Club for Gifts because of the quality of the beers plus, they include up to 3 Bonus Gifts with your purchase!

Craft Beer Club searches out exceptional craft beers from around the country and then delivers the monthly beer club selections direct-to-you or your gift recipient's door. You can choose an ongoing beer club membership or choose to send

With the Craft Beer Club you can give a one-time shipment or send monthly, every-other-month or even quarterly shipments.

Two different Breweries - Four different Styles - Three Bottles of each - Delivered to your Door - $44.75 per shipment - Free Shipping


Spirited Subscription Gift Boxes 

If you are searching for an unforgettable gift for the person who has everything. Give the Gift that keeps on giving!

FYI: It is required by law that one needs to be the age of 21 or older to order and sign to receive Alcohol.


How does Flavair Gift Membership Work?

Nothing’s left to chance! Members tailor the experience to their wishes from the moment they join by choosing their first shipment. It only gets better from there. Important club announcements and new benefits are communicated via email and you can expect the following:

  • ✓ 1 Tasting Box of choice per quarter

  • ✓ 1 Premium Full-Size Bottle of choice per quarter

  • ✓ Free Member-Exclusive Events & Distillery Tours

  • ✓ Boutique selection of full-size bottles and Tasting Boxes

  • ✓ Access to Flaviar-exclusive bottlings - $10 off first purchase

  • ✓ School of Spirits virtual course and Full control over Membership

Quarterly Shipments $99 - Free Shipping


Six Different Themed Boxes

Choose between Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Gin, Tequila, and Rum. Each shipments include curated bottles from big names & independent distilleries & ships out one bottle once a month.

Mash & Grapes network of retailers across the country helps them fulfill sales to over 40 states in the US. Their partnerships with distilleries and distributors gives them the capability to bring exclusive products to you from time to time.

Choose, 3, 6, 12 month or monthly ongoing subscriptions.

This is a Great Gift as well for spirited friends.

1 full-size 750 ml bottle of small-batch, hard-to-find Spirits each month.

$44 to $79 monthly + $15 Shipping


Couture Chocolate Gifts

If you have a friend that is a Chocolate Connoisseur -  Give a Gift that will please their palate was founded in 2002 with family values and the desire to provide exceptional gifts for all of life’s special occasions.

Your 100% satisfaction with every product is their top priority along with you having a wonderful shopping experience.


Hand-Dipped Artisan Chocolates

30 pc. - $29.99 plus shipping

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

12 pc. - $39.99 plus shipping

Triple Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

12 pc. - $39.99 plus shipping


Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

9" Round - $64.99 plus shipping


Personalized Platters & Boards are Great Gifts


There are 1000's of Charcuterie Platter and Boards available on Etsy - Personalized & Free Shipping

If It's Handcrafted, Vintage, Custom, Or Unique, It's On Etsy. US Orders Of $35+ from any participating shop Now Ship Free.

Ready To Ship Top Sellers. Personalized Gifts. Unique & Vintage Items.

Personalized Charcuterie Board

$20 - $51 Free Shipping

Personalized Slate Board

$29.95 - $47.95  Free Shipping

Personalized Olive Wood Board

$42.95 - $52.95  Free Shipping

Personalized Cutting  Board

$39 - $74  Free Shipping

Personalized Hickory Board

$45.11  Free Shipping


Tasteful Charcuterie Corporate Gifts

If you have more than 20 Business Associates on your Gift list - Contact us for Assistance & getting Volume Discounts 

We can help you with multiple gifts of Charcuterie Boards, Gourmet Cheese Gifts, Fine Wines, Craft Beers and more.

Charcuterie Platters
Charcuterie and Wine Gifts
Charcuterie and Fine Wine
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