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Cheese & Wine Club pairings


When you combine a Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club membership with one of the four Wine of the Month Clubs, you'll receive your choice of estate-bottled, limited-run wines that perfectly complement handmade, high-quality artisanal cheeses crafted by the world's finest traditional cheesemakers.

Unbox ongoing monthly, every-other-month or quarterly subscriptions or order 2 to 12 shipments.

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Pick your Chesse Clubs

Pick your Clubs or Create a Personalized Gift

Design your own club or gift combination. Send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it. has a Design Your Own Club or Create a Personalized Gift program. You can quickly & easily pair hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses with estate-bottled wines, like the excellent wines featured in the Bold Reds Wine Club. Plus, you can set your own shipping schedule, skip any club in any given month, choose to receive wine one month & cheese the next, or receive both clubs in the same month! How you decide to create a custom Wine & Cheese subscription club is up to you.  Read More >



Club Prices Subject to Change without Notice.

Original Cheese Club

First find the perfect Cheese Club

Discover new tastes, textures and types of hand-crafted carefully aged farmhouse Artisan Cheeses from around the world.
Rare Cheese Club
gourmet cheese-club.JPG


$58.95 per month - includes shipping | Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments 

Each month, members of The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club receive three different hand-crafted artisan and farmhouse cheeses about a 1/2 pound each made from pure and natural, quality ingredients, accompanied by our monthly newsletter offering detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions. Each selection is freshly cut to order from wheels or blocks the same day that it’s shipped, and hand-wrapped in deli paper to allow it to breathe. Monthly shipments auto renew.

Get $12 off any prepaid membership of 4 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR12
Get $18 off any prepaid membership of 6 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR18



$74.95 per month - includes shipping | Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments 

Receive three very small batch, artisan cheeses, approx. ½ lb. each, made from only the best, and often rare ingredients. You’ll receive hand-cut, extra-aged and fresh rare cheeses, many that can only be produced in designated regions or have only recently been brought into the United States. Their Monthly Newsletter with detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions is also included. Monthly shipments auto renew, No auto-renewal when you choose a fixed-duration between 2-12 shipments.

Pick your Wine Clubs

Now pick the best Wine of the Month Club 

Discover extraordinary, rare wines from boutique wineries. has been delivering expertly selected Wines since 1994.

Choose from four monthly Wine Clubs to suite your palate and budget.

Premier Wine Club

Get $12 off any prepaid membership of 4 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR12
Get $18 off any prepaid membership of 6 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR18

Bold Red Wine Club

THE PREMIER SERIES WINE CLUB | Estate-Bottled Premium Wines - Exceptional Quality & Value

$56.95 per month - 2 BOTTLES  - includes shipping | Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments

This is The International Wine of the Month Club's original and most popular wine club since 1994, the Premier Series Wine Club delivers boutique wines of exceptional quality and value from the world’s finest wine producing regions. To seek out impressive new wines, their team travels to the source, visiting regions such as Italy’s Piemonte, the Ribera del Duero and Rioja regions of Spain, the Western Cape of South Africa, and other top wine regions in countries like Chile, Australia, France, and here in the USA. They inspect vineyards, meet with winemakers and, most importantly, taste wines. Order 1 red & 1 white combo, 2 whites or 2 reds for fun!


The BOLD REDS WINE CLUB | Robust and Complex Estate-Bottled Wines

$69.95 per month - 2 Bottles - includes shipping | Monthly ongoing or  2 to 12 shipments

Two different International selections from the world’s most renowned wine producing regions. Two robust red wines with deep fruit flavors, pronounced ripe tannins, superb structure, and well-integrated barrel aged oak tones, from two different wineries. Full-bodied California Cabernets, single vineyard red Zinfandels, Châteauneuf-du-Papes from the Rhône Valley, highly acclaimed Carmenères, Cabernets, Malbec blends and much more. Includes "Cellar's Notes" newsletter which includes winemaker profiles & comprehensive tasting notes.

Master Series Wine Club

MASTER SERIES WINE CLUB | The Best of the Premier & Collectors Series Wine Clubs

$69.95 per month - 2 Bottles - includes shipping | Monthly, 2 to12 shipments 

This wine club membership will include: Two Bottles per month, each from a different International Winery, one from the Premier Series, the second from the Collectors Series. Choose one red and one white, or two reds. "Cellar Notes" details wine profiles with comprehensive tasting notes, detailed winery histories & suggested food pairings. Free Wine Gift Bags in all initial Wine Club Shipments! No auto-renewal when you choose a fixed-duration between 2-12 shipments. Enjoy Age-Worthy Limited-Production Estate-Bottled Wines in every shipment. Members can re-order their favorite wines while in stock. 

Collector's Wine Club

THE COLLECTOR'S SERIES WINE CLUB | Extremely Limited-Production, Rare, Estate-Wines

$92.95 per month - 2 Bottles - includes shipping | Monthly, 2 to 12 shipments 

Collectors Series members receive extremely limited production wines from the world’s greatest wine regions. Many featured wines are unavailable outside of their respective countries or appellations. The wines are packed with flavor and character. These wines generally have some age on them and are drinking beautifully now, but are built to be cellared for even longer periods so they’ll take on fuller, richer, and even more complex expressions of their regions and grape types. "Cellar Notes" Profiles each Wine & Winery and is included in every shipment. Enjoy Age-Worthy Limited-Production Estate-Bottled Wines, Hard-to-Find Vintages and Rare Finds with your favorite cheese.

Premium Cigar Club

Add a Cigar of the Month Club for fun!

Get $12 off any prepaid membership of 4 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR12
Get $18 off any prepaid membership of 6 or more shipments - Promo Code: CHAR18



$32.95 per month + $5 Shipping | Ongoing Monthly or 2 to 12  shipments

This Cigar Club has delivered limited production, hand-rolled Cigars for over 25 years and has earned the reputation for exceptional quality at outstanding values. Each shipment includes: Five hand-rolled, premium cigars with retail values between $6-$12 per cigar. One will enjoy a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and tobacco blends, hand-crafted by boutique manufacturers as well as from highly-rated, super-premium brands. Cigars are from the world’s most respected, top producing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Tasting notes, cigar specifications, cigar maker profiles, and suggested drink pairings are included as well. As a club member, you’ll also be able to reorder your favorite cigars at significant discounts.


by Madeline Puckette  (Author), Justin Hammack (Author)

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Wine Folly: Magnum Edition includes:
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  •  wine labeling & classification 101 for wine countries such as France, Italy, Spain, & Germany  
  •  an expanded food and wine pairing section;
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  •  essential tips to help you cut through the complexity of the wine world and become an expert.



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