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Pouring a Shot

Spirits to Savor with Charcuterie


Of all the liquors available today, there are six styles that form the base for almost every cocktail.

Savor these base liquors straight, or mix them. Enjoy with a charcuterie platter and it’s a party.

Serve the perfect cocktail with your platter

The base liquors are Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka & Whiskey. Within each of these categories are a number of styles, such as London Dry Gin, Cognac, & Reposado Tequila, which are further defined by production methods. Whiskey is the most complicated category because of different steps taken to meet the individual styles of Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Scotch, etc

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Whisky Exchange

Shop the number-one top retailer of whiskey & spirits

The Whisky Exchange has won a string of industry awards, including Independent Spirits Retailer of the Year and the
Whisky Magazine’s Online Retailer of the Year!  They have 40,022 Trustpilot customer reviews with a 4.9 Star Rating, amazing!

This is a family business founded in 1999, and has since grown to be the Internet's number-one specialist retailer of whiskey and other spirits, serving thousands of satisfied customers every week. In all, something in the region of 9,500 products are active on the site and available to order online at any given time; this number increases as they stock the best of the thousands of new products released each year. Take a look the inventory is crazy good. 

Scotch,Vodka & Rum
Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

$26.35 to $101,612.25

Blended Scotch Whiskey

$29.95 to $39,515.87

Grain Scotch Whiskey

$26.35 to $1,749.99

Vodka from around the World

$25.15 to $9,314.46

Rum from around the World

$31.99 to $13,548.30

Irish, Cognac, Gin & Port
Irish Whiskeys

$22.95 to $3,301.64

Cognac from around the World

$26.95 to $21,010.42

Gin from around the World

$17.83 to $420.21

Fortified Wines: Ports & more

$10.75 to $6,002.98

Organic Spirits

$18.37 to $167.47

Tequila - 200+ selections

$24.84 to $2,651.52
Mezcal - 133+ selections

$31.76 to $357.27

148+ American Bourbons

$21.16 to $3,907.65

Liqueurs - 890+ selections

$34.00 to $3,931.88

Vermouth Aperitifs

$9.21 to $1,674.71

Whiskeys by Country

Choose a Country, choose your pleasure, please your palate

Whisky Exchange's real point of difference is its selection of old, rare, or discontinued bottles of whiskey, amassed from years of collecting.
English Whiskey  27 choices

$19.26 - $107.13

Australian Whiskey 16 choices

$35.45 - $279.12

Dutch Whiskey 11 choices

$42,63 to $617.81

300+ American Whiskeys 

$17.83 to $6,689.82

French Whiskey 15 choices

$40.16 to $147.16

Israeli Whiskey  3 choices

$39.26 - $61.73

8+ New Zealand Whiskeys

$35.45 - $505.53

Swiss Whiskey 10 choices

$56.11 to $677.23

Japanese Whiskey 80+ choices

$34.00 to $67,403.61

SAKE  60+ choices

$7.81 to $188.73



$29.95 per month + $5 Shipping | Ongoing Monthly or 2 - 12  shipments

This Cigar Club has delivered limited production, hand-rolled Cigars for over 25 years and has earned the reputation for exceptional quality at outstanding values. Each shipment includes: Five hand-rolled, premium cigars with retail values between $6-$12 per cigar. One will enjoy a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and tobacco blends, hand-crafted by boutique manufacturers as well as from highly-rated, super-premium brands. Cigars are from the world’s most respected, top producing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Tasting notes, cigar specifications, cigar maker profiles, and suggested drink pairings are included as well. As a club member, you’ll also be able to reorder your favorite cigars at significant discounts.

Cigar Clubs
Shipping Information

The Whisky Exchange Ships to the U.S. from England

You order will be delivered to your door within 17 to 20 working days - it's worth the wait.

Due to differing rules imposed by aviation authorities and local legislative bodies regarding the international shipment of alcohol, please note that some restrictions apply to deliveries to the United States.

US Customs charges will be calculated and added to your order at the time of checkout so that we can complete the customs clearance procedure as soon as it arrives in the US. Your order will not be subject to any further charges.

For further information visit the US Customs and Border Protection website.

DELIVERY CHARGES - The Whisky Exchange only uses reputable international firms for the shipping of all our orders.Delivery charges are calculated based on the total volumetric weight of your basket  (in the U.S. we know it as our shopping cart).

The Whisky Exchange is environmentally conscious and strive to make our packaging as green as possible. All our delivery boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Our special polystyrene packing chips and even our plastic bubble wrap are also 100% recyclable.

Prices subject to change without notice

"Home Bartender" Book

Shane Carley (Author)

One of amazon's most popular cocktail books—now fully updated and expanded, with new variations on classics and originals alike! Fully updated and revised edition! Quick and easy cocktails for the busy home mixolog.


More Than 175 Quick and Easy Cocktails for the Speedy Mixologist, Made With Only Four Ingredients or Less!
You don't need a thousand-dollar liquor cabinet to impress company at your next party! Shane Carley has curated a collection of 125 creative and delicious drink recipes that require only four ingredients or less. Become a master mixologist with everything from simplified classics to innovative new libations, all with just a handful of ingredients required. Complete with beautiful, full-color photography throughout and virgin variations on most drinks, there's something for everyone in this new cocktail book!
THE HOME BARTENDER condenses the intricate and time-consuming art of cocktail-making into a process manageable for even the most time-crunched mixologist. Enjoy amazing results in a fraction of the time!

Charcuterie Pictures

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