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Shop the Top Cured Meat, Gourmet Cheese stores & more

Whether you call it a charcuterie plate or a charcuterie board, it's easy to make when you start with quality smoked, cured, cooked meats, an assortment of gourmet cheese, add jams and jellies, fresh fruit, crackers, breads and of course fine wine. 

Prices subject to change without notice.

Natural & Cured Charcuterie Meats

Shop foie gras, game meat, organic poultry, pâtés, sausages and smoked delicacies

Charcuterie refers to smoked, cured or cooked meats, all of which are traditional methods of preservation. Many are familiar with charcuterie in the form of bacon, ham, prosciutto and salami. The term charcuterie refers to all of these, and sausage, pâté, mousse, duck leg confit and rillettes as well.  Your 100% satisfaction with every product is top priority.

D'Artagnan backs every purchase with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Duck & Armagnac Pork Sausage
Duck & Armagnac Sausage

8.5 oz. Package $9.99 

Mousse of Duck Foie Gras

8 oz. Tub just $26.99

Duck Leg Confit

1 Leg (5 oz avg) $15.99

Ventrèche French Pancetta

1 Piece (12 oz)  $14.99

Pate de Campagne Charcuterie
Pâté de Campagne

1 Tub (9 oz) $10.99

French Garlic Sausage
Combination of Pork & Veal

1 Piece (1 lb avg) $11.99

French Prosciutto
Jambon de Bayonne 

Sliced 4 oz. pack 11.99

dartagnon-smoked duck-bacon.JPG
Uncured Smoked Duck Bacon Smoked over applewood

Fresh: 1 Pack (8 oz) $14.99

Dry-Cured  Saucisson Sec, Pork
No nitrites or preservatives

1 Piece (7 oz. avg) $11.99

Mangalica Ham from Spain
Bone-In plus  Stand 

12-16 lb avg. $599.99

D'Artagnan was founded in 1985, they have remained dedicated to putting only the finest meats on the tables since.

D'Artagnan is the leading purveyor of foie gras, game meat, organic poultry, pâtés, sausages and smoked delicacies in the nation.

All of the four-star restaurants in New York City, for example, have D'Artagnan products on their menus. D'Artagnan 100% Guarantee is simple. Their products and ordering process is top priority. They stand behind their products with full confidence. D'Artagnan guarantees you will get fresh, top-quality meats delivered to your door quickly and efficiently. Your order will be carefully packed in their refrigerated facility in insulated boxes with enough ice packs to keep chilled for up to 48 hours in transit.


SHoP CHARcutERiE Stores

If you join a monthly club or not, you can still buy products directly from top online stores.


Gourmet Cheese for Charcuterie boards

Find over 800 gourmet cheese selections from 36 countries at

If you like pairing Cheese with Wines, you will love the assortment selections listed below. 

Selections include cheese curds, string cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, cheese spread, Gouda. and more.

All igourmet cheeses can be purchased individually by the pound or in gift baskets and gift boxes.

Cheese Assortment to pair with
Syrah /Shiraz

4 styles - 30 oz.- $49.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

4 styles - 30 oz. - $49.99 is consistently ranks high in the Annual Retail Industry Publication. Last year their service and products were ranked “Top 500 Guide” and "Second 500 Guide". Forbes Magazine named “Best of the Web” in the gourmet food category for seven years in a row. is one our top best purveyors for gourmet cheese.

Cheese Assortment to pair with
Pinot Noir

3 styles - 20 oz. - $34.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

3 styles - 22.5 oz. - $39.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

4 Styles - 1.7 lbs - $34.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with
Cabernet Sauvignon

3 styles - 22.5 oz. - $39.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

3 styles - 22.5 oz. - $34.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

3 styles - 22.5 oz. - $39.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with
Sauvignon Blanc

4 styles - 1.7 lbs - $39.99

Cheese Assortment to pair with

3 styles - 22.5 oz. - $29.99

Gourmet Cheese
Charcuterie Meats

Charcuterie Board Accompaniments

Stonewall Kitchen's traditional recipes and all natural ingredients provide the best flavors possible, delivered to your door

Over the years, Stonewall Kitchen has received 29 prestigious awards from the Specialty Food Association, including three Outstanding Product Line Honors. In 2015, they were honored to be inducted into the Specialty Food Hall of Fame

Stonewall Kitchen offers FREE SHIPPING on $75+ Orders*

Morning Favorites Collection

$84.95 - Free shipping

New England Breakfast

$79.95 - Free Shipping

Signature Pancakes & Syrups

$74.95 - Free shipping

Brunch Gift Basket

$94.95 - Free shipping

Bloody Mary Gift Set

$54.95 plus shipping

stonewall-chutney collection.jpg
Stonewall Chutney Collection

$22.10 plus shipping

Delicious Sampler Basket

$150 - Free shipping

Cahrcuterie Club - Age Pamesan Cheese Sticks
Parmesan Cheese Sticks

$7.95 plus shipping

Desert Topping Collection

$28.00 plus shipping

Four Pack of Jams

$28.90 plus shipping

Crafting artisan culinary delights is so much more than just a business - it's a lifelong passion.

Stonewall Kitchen's believe that food should be exciting. From our classic Wild Maine Blueberry Jam to our Mustards, Condiments, innovative Savory Spreads, Baking Mixes, and Gift Baskets for every occasion, award-winning recipes from their kitchen have been transforming everyday occasions since 1991.

Jelly, Jams & Spreads
Platters | Boards
Cooking Utensils

Charcuterie Boards & Platters for your table

You can personalize & custom engrave any Cutting Board with your own message & design. Great gifts for dads, moms, friends or clients! offers 30 different styles of fonts to choose from, from elegant and stylish to fun & casual that can placed anywhere on the board. Or if you have an existing logo, they are happy to use that to engrave onto the board as well. Give your congratulations or thanks with a personalized message engraved on a cutting board of your choice from their store

Cutting Board offers FREE SHIPPING on $99+ Orders


Authentic Mediterranean
16" x 8" x 0.75"  Olive Wood
$49.98 + Shipping


Tuscan Paddle Board

16 x 8 x 0.75  Olive Wood

$54.95 + Shipping


Bamboo Butcher Block
16 x 16 x 1.5  End Grain
$111.94  Free Shipping


Anchor Engraved Board
12" x 0625" Round - Bamboo Wood
$105.95  Free Shipping


Large Ki Serving Board

32 x 6.5 x 1.5  - Larch Wood 

$349.95 - Free Shipping

5 Piece Cheese Knife Set

$29.95 plus shipping

Chrcuterie Club Mandolin Slicer
Mandolin Slicer - Stainless Steel

$84.91 plus shipping

Charcuterie Club Meat & Cheese Table Top Slicer
Meat & Cheese Table Top Slicer

$649.99- ships free

Katom Charcuterie Utensils
Charcuterie Club KitchenAid Blender
Pro Food Processor with Bowls

$495.95 plus shipping

Charcuterie Club Wine Cooler
46 Bottle 2 -Zone Wine Cooler

$1052.64 plus shipping

Enjoy award-winning, highly-sought-after, boutique Charcuterie Utensils delivered direct to your door

Choosing the right Charcuterie Utensil can be a bit challenging. Your choices above are used by some of the

best Charcuterie Chefs on the planet. Katom is top notch supplier with 100% satisfaction policy.


Fine Wines to Pair by the Bottle

Enjoy award-winning, highly-sought-after, boutique Wines delivered direct to your door
Virtually all of the wines featured by Gold Medal Wine Club have garnered top medals from major wine competitions or
have been highly rated by national wine publications. NO bulk wines or seconds here. Cheers!

Gold Medal Wine Club is the country’s longest running, same-ownership wine club in existence.

Currently, Gold Medal Wine Club has six different wine clubs to choose from to please virtually everyone’s budget and palate.

Over 2,500,000 wine shipments have been sent to wine club members during the past 25+ years.

Wines by the Bottle
Craft Beer Clubs
Craft Beer of the Month Club

Taste the Difference for $46.75 per shipment

Two different Breweries - Four different Styles - Three Bottles of each - Delivered to your Door - Free Shipping

 The Craft Beer Club is a top choice because of the quality of the beers plus they include up to 3 Bonus Gifts with your purchase.


Craft Beer Club searches out exceptional craft beers from around the country and then delivers the monthly beer club selections direct-to-you or your gift recipient's door. You can choose an ongoing beer club membership or choose to send

Craft Beer Club gifts to ship monthly, every-other-month or even quarterly.

Whiskey by th Bottle

Culinary Chocolates - Not Clubs

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

9" - $64.99 + shipping

Hand-Dipped Artisan Chocolates

30 pc, - $29.99 + shipping

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

12 pc. - $34.99 + shipping

Triple Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

12 pc. - $44.99 + shipping was founded in 2002 with family values and the desire to provide exceptional gifts for all of life’s special occasions

The Whisky Exchange has won a string of industry awards, including Independent Spirits Retailer of the Year and
Whisky Magazine’s Online Retailer of the Year

The Whisky Exchange is a family business founded in 1999, and has since grown to be the Internet's number-one specialist retailer of whisky and other spirits, serving thousands of satisfied customers every week. In all, something in the region of 9,500 products are active on the site and available to order online at any given time; this number is increases as they stock the best of the thousands of new products released each year. Take a look the inventory is crazy good.

Vodka from around the World

$25.15 to $2,399.99


Spirits to Savor

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

$26.35 to $66,032.75

Blended Scotch Whiskey

$29.95 to $1,999.39

Rum from around the World

$31.99 to $4,202.80

Irish Whiskey

$22.95 to $3,301.64

Cognac from around the World

$26.95 to $21,010.42

Gin from around the World

$17.83 to $420.21

Fortified Wines: Ports & more

$10.75 to $6,002.98

Grain Scotch Whiskey

$26.35 to $900.45

Organic Spirits

$20.99 to $124.36

Chocolate Desserts
Charcuterie Platters
Charcuterie and Wine Gifts
Charcuterie and Fine Wine
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Craft Beer and Charcuterie
Charcuterie Cured Meats

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