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How to pair Cheese & Beer like a Pro

Craft beers and artisan cheeses make a very tasty pair. You might not associate the two, until you think about how great cheesy pizza and beer go together. All you need is the right beer and cheese pairing and you can bring out the flavors in both. Here we will play matchmaker and present pairings you will love.

Pale Ales & IPAs, Hoppy Beers, Pale Ale, IPA, Red Ale

These days, hops is king. This common flower offers a bitter counterpoint to balance out the sugary malt. In IPAs and other hoppy brews, the flavor of hops is the focal point. The taste can range from grassy to citrusy depending on which hop varietals are used.

American Pale Ales are among the most popular offerings by craft breweries. Usually these brews have plenty of up-front hops aroma, without being too floral or piney. They are briskly bitter and very drinkable. A great way to try out a variety of craft beers is to join a beer of the month club such as The Original Craft Beer Club, or The Hop-Heads Beer Club. There you will find pale ale options like Alwerks Pale Ale, Potosi Amber Ale and many others. While Pale Ales play well with most cheeses, some cheeses really help to enhance their flavors. Firm cheeses such as Cheddar and Manchego are full flavored and work very well with most Pale Ales.

IPAs and Red Ales. India Pale Ales (IPAs), were first crafted by the British in their colonies, such as India. Today American IPAs are extremely popular. West coast brewers tend to create IPAs that are more floral and hops forward. East Cost IPAs often offer a bit more malt. A couple good examples of craft IPAs are Upland and Mason Ale. The up front bitterness of most IPAs goes well with creamy fatty cheeses or aged hard cheeses like Gouda. You can find plenty of varieties of both types of cheeses at cheese clubs like Murray’s Cheese Club and Di Bruno Bros.

Blonde Ales, Amber Lagers and Pilsners.

All these brews are refreshing malt-forward beverages. Blond ales are easy on the palate and their finish is fresh without much, or any hops aroma. Some fine examples are Deschutes

Twilight Summer Ale or Russian River Brewing Aud Blonde. These are great summer beers. Since they are light to the taste, they pair best with lighter cheeses like feta, fresh goat cheese and Burrata. You can explore a world of artisan-crafted cheeses with the help of an igourmet International Cheese Club. Amber Lagers and Pilsners are also malt focused brews with a hint of sweetness. They pair with mellow cheese as opposed to sharp or tangy cheese. Think Gruyere, Muenster, or Havarti on a crisp table water cracker. Combine them with a cold refreshing brew, and you have a perfect summer eve’s snack.

Stout and Porter Beers.

If you like your beer dark and full of rich aroma, then Stouts and Porters might be your drinks of choice. You can check out the US Microbrewed Beer Club and taste their Back Road Stout (out of Iowa), or go to and check out their review of Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.

While the flavor profile of Stouts and Porters can be all over the map, in general, cheeses with nutty, or brown butter aromas, can help bring out the best in these type of brews. Aged Gouda, some Cheddars, Beaufort and Gruyere cheeses are all excellent options.

No matter what your beer preferences are, there is a delicious cheese to go with your favorite brew. Helping you explore these combinations and put together the perfect cheese board, can be easier and more fun if you join an artisan cheese club, or craft beer club. We let you look over all the best options of a wide variety of clubs, then you can shop directly from the club sites you like the most. Check out our site, we list only the best of the best for your to choose from.

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