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A true Charcuterie moment! When Deliciousness Arrived at My Door!

"The moment the delivery van pulled up outside my home and the driver marched up the walkway with a large brown Di Bruno Bros box, I knew I was in for a treat."

Di Bruno has been purveyors of cured meets & cheeses since 1939.

The Di Bruno family started out as specialty food importers who opened a small neighborhood Italian market in South Philadelphia. Today they have grown into one of the most respected providers of quality charcuterie goods in the nation.

"The charcuterie offerings are unique and nothing you will find in your local grocery store. I started by looking over the Masetri Prosciutto Italiano. Thin-sliced strands of pork seasoned in Mediterranean Sea Salt and slow-cured for 12 months, these delicate morsels looked and smelled heaven.

Next I opened the Fermin Jamon Iberico. Iberico is the Rolls Royce of Spanish pork. Each slice is richly marbled and has a peppery, complex flavor.

Following the Iberico I opened the Maestri Speck Italiano a savory delight from the Italian Alps. This is all-natural ham that has been smoked over beechwood and lightly seasoned with local herbs. Its taste is like prosciutto, with a hint of smoky goodness.

Last but not least, I opened an All-American prosciutto called La Quercia Prosciutto Americano. Crafted in Iowa, it is made from premium humanely raised pork, and cured using sun-dried sea salt. Thinly sliced, each piece of prosciutto is bursting with flavor. As an added treat a big bag of Di Bruno Grissini was included. These crunchy bread sticks have a hint of salt and the subtle taste of olive oil. They are a perfect accompaniment with meats and cheeses. My plan to save all of these Di Bruno delicacies for an upcoming get-together with friends, got slightly altered. I couldn’t resist putting together a small charcuterie platter for my wife and I to enjoy the very next evening. I took the meats, added in a wedge of aged cheddar, ruby colored cherries, some crostini (small rounds of toasted bread), a handful of flavorful locally produced olives and a couple nice glasses of wine and we had a tasty, romantic feast." - Adam Z., Charcuterie Foodie.


Ordering all of Di Bruno Bros. meats and cheeses is easy on where you can review all their offerings and explore the different Di Bruno food clubs. By joining one of the clubs you can get that unboxing excitement every month. Each delivery offers new exciting flavors arriving every month right to your door.

Di Bruno Bros. | Charcuterie Club is one of our top picks because they are reliable and have a long history of outstanding quality. This popular club arrives at the doorstep like clockwork and best of all it ships for free!

Guaranteed fresh to your door.


$200 4 months

Free Shipping

4 / 8 / or 12 Shipments

Each month, Di Bruno Bros. food experts collect varied and exquisite cuts, chubs, jars, and slabs of meat. Sometimes accompanied by pairing accouterments, sometimes featured as a trio of variations, and always presented within a theme along with detailed notes. RECENT PAIRINGS included this trio: Spreadable Tempesta Nduja Salami (uniquely delicious spreadable salami), Classic Brooklyn Cured Bresaola (Italian salted beef) and traditional Spicy Soppressata (Italian dry salami) with a kick. Every shipment is tantalizing. SHOP NOW > is your one-stop resource for the best in food, wine, craft beer, spirits. Explore the site and link directly to the providers. Wishing you happy browsing and joyful eating from all of us. Have a wonder 2022. Be safe, take care and have fun!

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