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Charcuterie Cheese that pairs with Zinfandel

Pronunciation of zinfandel is (zin-fen-del). Zinfandel tends to be lighter in color that Cabernet and Merlot, but have a bolder taste than Pinot Noir and a higher alcohol content ranging from 14-17% ABV. Introduced to California during the Gold Rush era, the Zinfandel grape (also known by the it’s Italian name Primitivo) traces its origins back to a pair of Croatian grapes Crljenak Kaštelanski and Tribidrag. The Zinfandel grape is used to produce a robust red wine, and also in recent years a very popular semi-sweet rosé wine called White Zinfandel. The White Zinfandel, which sells six times more than its red varietal, tends to be lower in alcohol and calories. This lighter wine offers hints of tobacco and apple skin in the aroma and flavors of cherry and blackberry. The Red Zinfandel can be produced unoaked to create easy-drinking, jammy flavor, or put on oak to give it a more full-bodied flavor. Read more about Zinfandel >

Charcuterie Cheeses to Pair with Zinfandel hand-picked the following THREE cheeses to complement Zinfandel.

Fiscalini Bandaged Wrapped Cheddar Limited Edition is made from Fiscalini's own milk and aged for two and a half years on the property, this cheese was voted "Best Farmhouse Cheese" at the 2002 American Cheese Society Awards in Washington D.C.

It is a wonderful example of the artisan cheese movement in the US today. Rich, buttery and sharp, Fiscalini Farmstead Cheddar is world-class. (7.5 oz.)

Artisan Raw Milk Manchego: Dry cured for one year in an eighteenth century cave, this Manchego has a robust flavor reminiscent of the Mancha countryside. Enjoy it as the locals do - served before the meal, topped with a spot of membrillo (Spanish quince paste). (7.5 oz.)

Black Label Cambozola: This distinctive, bold blue cheese with a creamy, supple texture is sure to become a new favorite for blue cheese fans. (7.5 oz.)

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Charcuterie Cheese that pairs with Zinfandel

3 STYLES OF CHEESE - 22.5 ounces - $37.99

Charcuterie Cheese and zesty Zinfandels pairs great

Charcuterie and Old Vine Zinfandel is wonderful

Zinfandel wine is happiest when paired with Charcuterie cured meats, anything from the meat aisle, from BBQ pork ribs, leg of lamb or a big, hearty steak. Some of our favorite cheeses to pair with Zinfandel are Parmesan, aged Cheddar, Aged Gouda, Asiago and Dry Jack. This is one of my favorite varietals. Enjoy the adventure.

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