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Charcuterie Cheese that pairs with Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, refreshing and straight forward white wine. Sauvignon Blanc grapes trace their origins back to the Bordeaux and Loire Valley of France. The name comes from the French words sauvage (wild) and blanc (white). This varietal ripens early so does quite well in both warm and cool climates. In cooler climate appellations such as the Alexander Valley of California, the wine often has some prominent “green flavors” like lemongrass, lime, and green bell peppers and has a tendency to have noticeable acidity. In warmer climates more tropical fruit notes come forward.

The wine has also been marketed by some vintners under the name “Fume Blanc.” It has the distinction of being one of the first wines to be bottled with a screw cap in larger wineries. While the varietal has done well in California, it has also continues to thrive in France.

Charcuterie Cheese to Pair with Sauvignon Blanc

Here are four cheeses collection igourmet has chosen for you to enjoy with your favorite Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers!

Buche de Chevre: This wonderful goat's milk cheese is from Poitou in the Loire Valley. Each Buche de Chevre is aged for two months, during which time it develops a hard, edible crust complete with a bloomy, white mold coating. It is sharp and tangy near the rind and gets progressively richer and creamier toward the center. (7.5 oz.)

Pecorino Toscano: Pecorino Toscano is a young 100% sheep's milk cheese, only about 40 days old when it arrives on our shores. Because it is a young cheese, it is somewhat discreet; almost shy. As the cheese first hits your tongue, you detect a hint of Tuscan herbs, grass and wildflowers. The aftertaste it leaves on your palate is a wonderfully complex flavor that is hard to describe but easy to enjoy. (7.5 oz.).

Piave: Piave cheese is named after the river Piave, whose source is found at Mount Peralba in Val Visdende, in the northernmost part of the province of Belluno, Italy. The cheese has an intense, full-bodied flavor that increases with age and makes this cheese absolutely unique. Serve with apples, pears and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. (7.5 oz.)

Fontina Val d'Aosta: Fontina is the symbol of agriculture in Italy's tiny, French speaking Aosta Valley region. The cows that produce the milk for Fontina Val d'Aosta graze on high-altitude Alpine pastures dotted with wildflowers and native herbs. Fontina is a great cooking cheese, as it melts evenly without losing any flavor. It is best noted for its value as a savory and fruity table cheese. Its slightly grassy flavor embodies the taste of a true raw milk cheese. (7.5 oz.)

Mini Toasts: With their crusty texture and mild taste, they are ideal with paté, cheese, smoked salmon or caviar. (2.75 oz.). This is a bonus in this igourmet collection.

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Charcuterie Cheese that pairs with Sauvignon Blanc

Three Styles of Cheese with mini Toast - 32.7 ounces - $38.99

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Charcuterie Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

Gold Medal Wine Club Sauvignon Blanc > Pairs well with lighter Charcuterie selections such as shellfish, sushi, sole, orange roughy and chicken. Cheese & Nuts like Feta, Chévre, Pine Nuts. Various citrus fruits, melons, green apples, asparagus. All light sauces such as citrus sauce. White rice, French bread

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