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Founded in 1940 by Murray Greenberg, Murray’s Cheese is proud to be a Greenwich Village tradition and part of the neighborhood’s rich food history. It’s a pretty safe bet to say that they’re cheese obsessed: their goal is to find the most delicious cheese and specialty grocery items from across the globe, teach you a bit about them, and then make sure you enjoy them.

Murray's Cheese Store Front 1940

Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a foodie friend, Murray’s Monthly Clubs are the best way to stay up to date on our best products and get your cheese fix once a month.

Every Monthly Club delivery includes a detailed guide to each of the Three half–pound cheeses, with descriptions of origin and flavor, along with beverage pairings for each.  are sent every month


Murray's has five tasty options that suit every cheese need, whether you’re new to cheese, a total expert, or just looking for a snack.

About Murray's Cheese
Five Tasteful Clubs
Cheese at Market

Classic Cheese of the Month

$175.00 Pre-pay 3-Month Subscription | $63.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Cheesemonger's Picks of the Month

$205.00 Pre-pay 3-Month Subscription | 75.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Perfect Pair of the Month

$225.00 Pre-pay 3-Month Subscription | $85.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Munchies of the Month

$195.00 Pre-pay 3-Month Subscription | $75.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Cheese Board of the Month

$295.00 Pre-pay 3-Month Subscription | $113.00 Month-to-Month Subscription

Murray's Monthly Cheese Clubs

Shipping is FREE on all of Murray's Monthly Club deliveries!

Monthly Cheese Clubs
Classic Cheese Club

$63 monthly - Free shipping

Cheesemonger's Picks

$75 monthly - Free shipping

Perfect Pair Meat & Cheese

$85 monthly - Free shipping

munchies-of-the-month-hero - Copy.jpg
Muchies of the Month Club

$75 monthly - Free shipping

Cheese Board of the Month Club

$113 monthly - Free Shipping

About the Clubs

When you subscribe, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a welcome letter (which can be printed or forwarded if you’re sending a gift), will provide you with an overview of the Monthly Club program you purchased and information about the incredible deliveries you’ll be receiving. Your first Monthly Club installment will ship the month following the date of subscription--for example, if you sign up in January, your first delivery will be the February Monthly Club.

Oprah's Must-Haves "Gooey, creamy, rich — Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club is the ultimate gift for food lovers. I'd encourage the recipient to either do a lot of sharing or get the name of a good cardiologist."

Shipping Fresh to Your Doorstep - Depending on the contents of your order and the destination of your shipment, you'll be offered One Day, Two Day or Ground shipping at checkout.

Murray's Cheese as Seen On
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Shipping Information


FREE | Classes on Legends Cheese Collection, Italian Cheese, Beer & Bourbon Cheese Collection 

Prepare to embark on a delightful, informative tasting session with third-generation Di Bruno, Emilio Mignucci and our Culinary Director, Chef Ashley James. Set out your cheese collection, grab your favorite beverage and join them as they sip, nibble and chat their way through some of the finest flavors around. Whether you're snacking on your own or virtually joining friends and family from afar, there's a delicious education coming your way! Please note, more virtual tastings for Wine Lover's and Perfect Pairings are coming soon...

How Murray's Cheese Ships your Order

The Murray's Cut Process

Every day, the expert cheese cutters at Murray’s Cheese select the perfect wheels from our caves and cut your cheese to order. Each order is cut inside of our state-of-the-art clean room. Cutting cheese at Murray’s is an art, not a science, so while your piece may be slightly over or slightly under what you ordered, you can rest assured that it was cut just for you.


Wrap Process

Your cheese is wrapped in our specially-produced cheese paper. The paper is lined with a breathable layer to allow the cheese to continue maturing while in route to your door. The breathable paper prevents the cheese from being suffocated, but also prevents it from drying out.


State of The Art Packaging

Every order is packed in a thermal lined box with reusable food-friendly gel packs. The goal is for the cheese to arrive to you cool to cold. Remember, cheese cannot be frozen.


Shipping Fresh to Your Doorstep

Depending on the contents of your order and the destination of your shipment, you'll be offered One Day, Two Day or Ground shipping at checkout. Since some of our cheeses can only be in transit for 1 Day, One Day shipping may be your only option. If you're ordering harder cheeses or grocery items, you may be offered 2 Day or Ground. Finally, if you're ordering very heavy items like pickles or large cheese boards, Ground may be the ONLY option offered to you. 


Alaska and Hawaii will have a surcharge of $15 added to the shipping cost. Rates subject to change without notice.


Estimated Shipping Cost

FAQ's about Murray's Cheese 

Can I add a gift message to my order?

Absolutely! You can add a gift message to your order on the first page of checkout labeled "gift options". There you will need to click on the box next to the "Add a gift message" option and a box will appear where you can enter your own message. Please note that gift messages have a maximum number of 300 characters INCLUDING SPACES.

What payment methods do you accept on your site?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We also accept Murray's Cheese gift cards! To pay with a gift card, just enter the corresponding gift card number that can be found using the images pointing them out on the payment page of checkout


How should I store my cheese if I want it to last longer?

We suggest our customers to unpack the order and refrigerate the items. We recommend using the cheese paper we send most of our products in to store the cheese. The cheese paper helps cover the items and stop them from drying out, while also allowing the cheese to breathe. Since cheese is mold, it's a living thing! If you cut off air circulation to the cheese, you can actually cause it to suffocate and spoil at a faster rate.


When do monthly clubs start?

If you purchase a monthly club subscription, the delivery day that you select in checkout DOESN'T MATTER. All monthly clubs start the month following your purchase. Unless told otherwise, Cheese of the Month is sent to arrive on the second Thursday of the month, and all the other clubs are sent out for delivery on the third Thursday of the month.


When will my box arrive?

For all orders that aren't for monthly club subscriptions, the delivery date you select in check out will be the day the order is scheduled to arrive. We ship all perishable items for one day shipping so you will receive an email with tracking the day before it's delivered so you can track its progress. Priority Delivery (by 10:30 AM to most U.S. addresses, delivery by 5 PM to remote areas) is $5 additional.*


What days of the week can you deliver?

For orders being shipped via FedEx, we can have the orders arrive on Tuesday-Saturday.


FYI: If you purchase an Item after clicking a link, I may earn a commission. Thank you

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