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Easter Feast Charcuterie Platters

Springtime and Easter are times of renewal and celebration. So, whether you’ll be gathering with family, or participating in a larger get-together, here are some suggestions to add fun and flavor to your holiday table.

To many, Easter is associated with their favorite foods and treats. Many enjoy ham, eggs, colorful fruits and veggies and of course a bit of chocolate. What better way to kick off your spring feast than with a festive and flavorful appetizer charcuterie platter. Below are a few suggestions for ways you can impress and delight your family and guests:

Start with a large Charcuterie Platter or cheese board.

In the middle of the platter put a plate of yummy deviled eggs. Surround the eggs with a vibrant selection of fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and grapes. Add to the fruit, a colorful variety of veggies, like baby carrots, and sliced cucumbers. Next, add your cured meats, such as dried aged Italian salami, prosciutto, and capicola. To accompany the meats, be sure to include some quality cheeses, like aged gouda, creamy brie and tasty Havarti. Provide plenty of crackers (like table water crackers) and some nice sliced baguette. Finally, don’t forget the sweet and salty bites. Small bowls of nuts like pistachios, your favorite olives and a bowl of colorful pastel m&ms will ensure your presentation is irresistible to all ages.

If your store nearby has a limited deli and gourmet food section, then a great way to get all your internationally cured meats and gourmet cheeses, are from trusted online providers who will deliver the goods right to your door. Some of the top gourmet food vendors are (great purveyors of French Prosciutto and hard-to find free-range game), or (offering a delicious salami sampler), or get a variety of antipasto meats and cheese from For palate pleasing cheeses, a favorite go-to is Murrays Cheeses (, they also have all kinds of delicious meats and crackers as well.

Here are a few suggestions.




1 ea. Sandamiri Crostini, 7 oz.

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Choose from holiday favorites for any size Easter meal, from traditional roasts like leg of lamb, pork or veal rack, whole chicken, rabbit, or duck.

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